Adult Day Program Services

UCPLA’s Adult Day Services include innovative programs that enable people to connect with resources that strengthen independence, skill development, self-esteem, healthy living, and a sense of belonging to their community. Our focus is to promote meaningful opportunities for the people we partner with as they carve out their adult lives; this includes an emphasis on community involvement, independence and personal choices, access to innovative health services, individualized training and skill building, and increased options for continuing education, job placement and socialization.

Our staff training and services are directed towards supporting each person to discover his/her own voice and values. UCPLA incorporates the choices and preferences of each person receiving services with the needs of partnering businesses, agencies and community groups to foster natural opportunities for successful integration and inclusion.

Adult Day Services are provided in six primary learning areas, including:

  • Vocational Training and Volunteer Internships
  • Self-Care Training and Physical Effectiveness
  • Community Integration
  • Self-Advocacy and Socialization
  • Personal Communication and Computer Literacy
  • Fine and Performing Arts


Contact:  Stephani Anderson