Community Living Services

Community Living Services provide adults with developmental disabilities with individualized training and the support necessary for the individual to live in their own home. Community Living Services is guided by the philosophy that people with developmental disabilities have the right, the desire, and the ability to make choices about their present and future lifestyle, and they are active in the decision-making that directly affects his or her life. Fulfillment of this philosophy demands that the training and support services provided are person-centered and uphold the individual’s right to self-determination.


UCPLA provides two types of Community Living Services for individuals choosing to live in their own homes.


Independent Living Skills Training services are designed to assist individuals with acquiring particular skills in areas of daily life.


Supported Living Services provide access to resources and support for individuals who require ongoing support in order to maintain their preferred lifestyle.


Training and support are available in all areas of daily life including, but not limited to:

• Household Management

• Attendant Management

• Meal Preparation

• Housing Search

• Choices/Decisions

• Medical Monitoring

• Advocacy

• Adaptive Equipment

• Resource Development

• Self Advocacy

• Social Skills

• Mobility Training

• Relationships

• Community Access

• Interpersonal Skills

• ISP Development

• 24 Hour Response

• Support Networks

• Personal care

• Recreation/Leisure

• Health/Safety

• Money Management

• Benefits/Entitlements

For more information, please contact Linda Jones.