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Help UCPLA spread awareness by wearing GREEN on Fridays!


We are proud of our ongoing alliance with athletic apparel company


To help UCPLA spread awareness about cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities, they designed tee shirts for our Los Angeles Wears Green campaign.  Green is the awareness color for cerebral palsy.

The86ers are donating 30% of the sale of each Los Angeles Wears Green tee shirts to UCPLA in support of our 40 programs and services that individuals with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism and other developmental disabilities rely on each day.

Click on The86ers logo above to order your tee shirt!




Upcoming Events
Tue, Sep 05, 2017
Junior Board Meeting
Conference Call 7pm - 8pmmore...
Sat, Sep 09, 2017
Wheels in Motion 2017
Event will be held at Skirball. 6pm - 10pm For additional information or to buy tickets please click on "more".more...
Sat, Sep 09, 2017
Conejo Valley Family Group Meeting, Pizza, and Bingo
Held at the Thousand Oaks Campus 10am - 11ammore...
Sat, Sep 09, 2017
WRG - Inspiring Figures - Artist Reception
Held at the Washington Reid Galley 6110 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232. 6 p.m. - 9p.m. Art will be on display through October 11, 2017.more...
Sun, Sep 10, 2017
Start of National Direct Care Professionals Week
Sat, Sep 16, 2017
End of National Direct Care Professionals Week
Tue, Sep 19, 2017
SCL Board Meeting
Place TBD 10 am - 1pm  more...
Sun, Sep 24, 2017
Chatsworth Family Organization Meeting
Held at the Chatsworth Campus 2pm - 3pmmore...
Mon, Oct 02, 2017
Start of Out & About
Virtual fund raiser and awareness campaign.  Click on "more" for additional information.more...
Sat, Oct 07, 2017
Conejo Valley Family Group Meeting
Help at the Thousand Oaks Campus. 10am - 11ammore...

Donations can also be mailed to:


Development Office

6430 Independence Avenue

Woodland Hills, CA  91367


Or call:  818-782-2211                      





Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD)


If you are at least 70 ½ years old, when planning out your 2016 year-end donation to UCPLA, remember that with passage of the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015, the QCD provision is now a permanent part of the Internal Revenue Code.   


  • You must be at least 70½ years old at the time you request a QCD.


  • For a QCD to count towards your 2016 Minimum Required Distribution (MDR), the funds must come out of your IRA by your MRD deadline, which is generally December 31 each year.


  • A contribution to an organization, like UCPLA, that would qualify as a charitable organization under Sec. 170(b(1)(a), other than a private foundation or donor advised fund.


  • Funds must be transferred directly from your IRA custodian to the qualifying charity you select.  Request your IRA custodian to issue a check from your IRA payable to the qualifying charity.  IRA checks can be made payable to UCPLA, and mailed to:


  6430 Independence Avenue

Woodland Hills, CA  91367

  •  The maximum annual distribution amount that can qualify for a QCD is $100,000. If you’re a joint tax filer, both you and your spouse can make a $100,000 QCD from your own IRAs.




Be sure to consult your financial adviser and tax professional before implementing planned giving alternatives, as they carry complex tax implications. 

For more information on how you can make a Charitable IRA rollover to UCPLA contact Amy Simons, Chief Development Officer at 818-782-2211 ext. 532 or



Become a UCPLA Event Sponsor


Sponsoring a UCPLA event provides your company the unique opportunity to strategically connect with the greater Los Angeles community, further your corporate philanthropy mission, build brand awareness, engage employees and demonstrate your company's support of individuals with varied abilities.


Each UCPLA event reaches a different key audience segment and provides a fun, entertaining and engaging way for you to "wow" clients, vendors and employees.  Feel good about supporting some of the most vulnerable and at-risk members of our community.


Strategic sponsorship packages are available for each event, or a specialized package can be created to optimize your exposure at multiple events throughout the year.  We will tailor your package to suit your marketing and community engagement strategies.


Click Here for a full sponsorship packet including Media Reach and Demographics.




More Ways To Give

UCPLA has a wonderful family of donors. We pride ourselves on making every donation count, no matter how big or small it is. If you would like to make a general donation, click on the green button to the right to reach our donation page!


Do you want to help UCPLA continue its mission through community involvement? Here are just a few ideas to get you started!

Gifts of Appreciated Stock

For information on how you can give a gift of appreciate securities, contact Amy Simons, Chief Development Office, or 818-782-2211 ext. 532.

UCPLA Legacy Society

Our planned giving program named in honor of the community-minded citizens who first recognized the importance of supporting people with developmental disabilities.
Click here to learn more!


Ralphs Community Contribution Program - September 1st - Time to renew your support!

Sign up for the Ralphs Community Contribution program and a percentage of your purchases will be donated to UCPLA!
Click here to learn more!



United Cerebral Palsy Spastic Childrens Foundation



Use any American Express® Card for Charitable Giving





Student Community Service

UCPLA enjoys having students align with our mission to raise awareness and funds for individuals with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism and other developmental disabilities.  

CLICK HERE to see how you can make a difference!


For more information contact the Development Office at 818.782.2211 or email



Plan a Fundraiser

Fundraisers are a great way to multiply your support for UCPLA. Here are some ways we can help support your fundraising efforts.

1.) Develop a plan of action to make your fundraiser successful!

2.) Get a UCPLA, UCP Wheels for Humanity, or UCP WORK, Inc. Fundraising Action Kit.
Email us so we can support you with marketing materials and various collateral which will strengthen your fundraiser's foundation.
3.) Share your experience!

Email us to share your pictures and video with others.

Donate Your Vehicle


Charitable Auto Resources, Inc. (CARS™) accepts car donations for UCPLA.
CARS™ will pick your car donation up for free, anywhere in the United States, and provides you with all of the necessary paperwork to claim a fair market value tax deduction for your car donation if the vehicle is valued over $500.
Donating a car, truck, boat, RV or other vehicle is extremely easy.  Simply click here and your on your way to making an amazing difference to families throughout Southern California.